Wild camping

While camping can be a really enjoyable experience, you’ll find the majority of campsites are overcrowded and maybe not just the same as they were a few years back. Some of the bigger site have become almost like Hotel complex’s, with loads of things to do, like swimming pools, tennis courts and the like, and lots of kids running about, which usually ends up a busy place with lots of noise.

If you like the peace and quiet of the countryside, whether it’s the British Isles, Europe or even further afield, like America or Australia then a few days or longer wild camping is a great way to find that peace and tranquility often so hard to come by these days.

A good friend introduced me to wild camping a few years back, while holidaying in Northern Ireland. We spent a glorious day or two high up in the Antrim hills, beside a beautiful lake, with views over most of the Glens of Antrim and Slemish Mountain, no noise other than the odd wild hare or snipe in the heather. It really is a peaceful place. Evenings spent cooking freshly caught trout over the camping, a wonderful introduction to wild camping. Since then we have to admit to being addicted to this type of camping, just the real freedom of being almost alone, with such beautiful surroundings.

You’ll find most places are ok to camp, but I you’re close to farm land its beset to ask permission just in case. Of course you should always keep the countryside tidy and try and leave things as you found them. Also, be prepared while up in the mountains, make sure you have got proper outdoor equipment: Boots, wet gear and warm clothing.

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