Wild camping wales

As more and more conventional campsites are becoming overcrowded, especially in Wales, a lot of people are turning to wild camping Wales, for that peace and tranquility.  A weekend spent up in the hills can be a truly brilliant experience.  For the total relaxation it is second to none, relieving all of the stress and worries of today’s busy life.  And apart from the cost of some food and drink, its absolutely free.

It’s best to keep the contents of the rucksack to a bare minimum, because the less weight you have to carry the better.  So take a good stock when packing and anything that isn’t 100% necessary, just leave it at home.  A good idea if you’re a beginner to wild camping Wales, is to go hiking and then camp overnight high up in the mountains.  Until you get the swing of things, and then you will gradually be able to spend more time away for the hotel, hostel or campsite.

When thinking about going wild camping in Wales, one of the best places that comes to mind is Snowdon.  It’s a really magnificent mountain with lots of place to camp, and as it’s one of the highest in the UK, its also a very good experience.

Of course it’s always sensible to be well prepared for the conditions, as they can change rapidly on the mountain, and you don’t want to get stuck unprepared.  So, be ready for all weather conditions, no matter what time of the year it is.

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