Wild camping USA

Camping doesn’t get much better, than wild camping USA. So many wonderful locations to choose from like the Rocky Mountains extreme Alaska, Colorado, Utah or California. Probably my favourite would have to be the Rocky Mountains Colorado.

Paces to camp shouldn’t be too hard to find especially in the more remote parts.  Unless you are in rocky mountain national park areas, you shouldn’t get any hassle from rangers.  One practically beautiful spot we found was in and around alderfer three sisters,  lots of forests meadows and magnificent scenery. But Colorado has hundreds of stunning locations in which to wild camp. A few precautionary measures must be taken if you’re camping in an area where there are bears about. While most bears should be harmless they must be treated with total respect, especially if it’s a mother with cubs at this stage they can be very protective of there young.

It’s probably a good idea to cook away from the camp and if you have food around its best to keep it in sealed containers.  Always be prepared as far as clothing and equipment are concerned no matter what the weather.  So wether it’s a fun weekend or a longer period wild camping USA can be a great experience.

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