Wild camping UK

With today’s hectic lifestyles it can be hard sometimes to relax, and take time just a little bit slower.  One way in which you can certainly do this is wild camping UK.  To get away for a few days to the UK wild for a spot of camping can be a truly breathtaking experience.  Places to camp are quite varied throughout the UK, so we will look at some of the areas from each of the regions in the united kingdom.

Scotland – In Scotland the law is different from other regions, its legal to go camping, as long as your more than one hundred metres away from any public road.  Its always polite however, to ask permission if you’re close to a dwelling.  The best areas to try, in my opinion; are the lough Lomond which is especially beautiful in the summer time, the highlands, Cairngorms or the Ben Nevis region, which has ski slopes open in the winter.

England – Again there are loads of wonderful places to go wild camping UK, however, my favourite, and probably the majority of the world’s favourite, would have to be the Lake district.  I have personally been around the Patterdale area with stunning views over Ullswater lake, and their is a trail leading to the red tarn, and then Helvellyn, with some good camping spots on the way.

I will continue in another article, with the other two areas, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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