Wild camping Scotland

When you think of camping especially wild camping Scotland it brings some beautiful visions to mind, lakes, forests, rolling hills and Glens, Mountains large and small.Breathtaking scenery from snow capped peaks to beautiful lakes and hills.With Lots of different locations to chose from, like the highlands around glen Lyon.

It’s a very peaceful location with unrivaled scenery a really unique placeYou also have the lochs, waterfalls and Caledonian pine forests.  One breathtaking area we have been to before is inverlael forest, near Ulla pool. Some terrific walks up to the high ground but, really worth the long hike up but it’s all part of the experience of wild camping Scotland.

Most of the public hill land is ok to camp on as long as you are more than 100 metres away from a public road.  Also consideration must be made to keeping the countryside clean and tidy.  Always make sure your campfires are keep to a minimum.

Again make sure you are prepared for the different types of weather that Scotland has to offer no matter what the time of year.So it’s worth making sure you have the proper equipment, like walking boots, waterproof clothing and warm gear.

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