What to wear hiking

Many of us get into a dilemma about what to wear hiking, and in my experience it’s the men just as much as the women, which may surprise you to hear.  Everyone wants to be as ready as they can for all possibilities, however, you need to judge this against the weight, and you also want to fit in.

This is no mean feat, and is a lot harder and more complicated than it first seems.  There is really a limit to how heavy you want to make your rucksack; this will depend on your strength and stamina.  It will also depend on the weight of your clothing, as this can add extra unnecessary pounds!  You want to aim for no more than 10-15kg, and some people may even struggle at this.  In the army, they train with 20kg rucksacks, hiking all day and night, but, these men are super fit.

First thing I would say, is to get the basics right.  Get a good warm coat and pair of trousers, that won’t wear and tear easily, and if possible, are waterproof.  You could then bring under armour, depending on the conditions, you will need either cold weather or warm weather, and this should keep your body at the optimum temperature, and reduce sweating.  I would also urge you to bring a hat and a pair of gloves.

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