Wenzel Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are a very popular item in today’s world.  If you go to everyone you know, and ask them if they have one, i would guarantee you that at least ninety percent of those people would say yes.  Even at that, most people will have more than one.  Usually a family will have three or four sleeping bags.  They are used by starters and more advanced campers, hikers and mountaineers alike.  One thing is for sure, everyone loves wenzel sleeping bags.

They are comfortable, affordable and most importantly, they keep you warm on those cold nights in the tent!  They have that retro look to them that so many people, me included, just can’t get enough of.  Once you’ve used one of the wenzel sleeping bags, i trust you, you will not want another make.

Wenzel are not the most common make to the ordinary, once a year (or sometimes more!) camper.  They don’t usually tend to do those large marketing campaigns that so many other companies cannot live without.  They just rely on their quality and price, to put them ahead of the competition.  More experienced campers, who have been about for a long time, and have used all the makes that go, will know especially that wenzel sleeping bags are special, and should definitely not be underestimated!

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