Types of rock climbing

There are quite a lot of types of rock climbing that exist in the world today.  This is due to evolution.  The sport evolves due to certain climates, locations and also due to people’s preferences.  Some people will change it a little to suit their level and also to suit whether or not they like to be risky, or keep it safe etc.  This has lead to many different types across the world.

I can’t and therefore won’t cover all of the types in this article, as it would be impossible.  I will however, cover many of them in other articles dedicate to each one.  So, take a look through the site and find the type that you are looking for.

The main types of rock climbing allow you to use ropes, hooks and many other safety devices including a harness.  This would be the main type of rock climbing in the world, and would be used mainly in the US and Europe, by less experienced climbers.  It’s a great way to learn, and many people are happy at just mastering this type, and will stick with it forever.

The more extreme climbers will do it without equipment and safety devices.  You will see this a lot in places like Africa, where experienced groups will go for an adventure trip, and use the extreme methods.  Inside the two types I have talked about, there is also many others, so, comment if you need more info, or look through the site at more specific articles.

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