Snugtime Sleeping Bags

Ah, sleeping bags, probably the piece of equipment that you’ll be very glad to see, at the end of a long day, possibly in the cold and the rain.  You want a sleeping bag that will keep you warm in the worst of conditions, and of course, in this day and age, you don’t want to spend to much money!  I’ve got the perfect one for you then, snugtime sleeping bags provide great warmth at no extra cost, and really live up to their name!

Snugtime aren’t the most well known brand.  In the camping industry, they are no-where near the level of the likes of Vango or Coleman.  You need to be warm, but not to warm, this optimum temperature is hard to find, especially on a budget, however, in my case anyway, snugtime sleeping bags do provide this.

You can buy your sleeping bags online, and save yourself a trip to the shops, and, if you don’t feel perfectly comfortable, or, it doesn’t provide that ‘optimum temperature’, then you can send it back, on most occasions anyway, and choose another sleeping bag that you believe will be perfect for you!  Its completely up to you, my favourite sleeping bag won’t be the same as yours, so take a good look, and hopefully you get a good one!

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