Rock climbing equipment

Climbing is a fantastic sport.  It’s an adrenaline rushed extreme sport, which requires nerves of steel, experience and fantastic technique.  Of course, you cannot start out with experience and great technique.  These are skills that you will develop over many years of participation in the sport, and you will pick them up faster if you can learn from someone who already has these skills.  This article is therefore aimed at those who are new to the sport.  However, experts may also be able to learn some things as well.  I will discuss rope climbing equipment, the best places to get it, and why you need it so much.

I have discussed equipment needed for rock climbing in previous articles; however, this was more for advanced users.  As I have already stated, this is aimed towards beginners.  The obvious piece of equipment that is needed is ropes.  You need to make sure that you buy top quality ropes, because you do not want any tearing or wearing, which could of course be very dangerous and life threatening.  Do not buy cheap, bad quality ropes, this is the advice the all experts will give you, and could save you from taking a very nasty fall.

Other equipment that you need is shoes, which are extremely important for your grip, gloves, which will save a lot of stress on your hands, and also a harness.  This is where you will clip all of your equipment on, and it will also act as a safety device if you fall.  You will also need belay devices, camming devices, hexes and many other pieces of equipment.  To get more on these more advanced items, read some of my other articles, or click on some of the links on this page, which allow you to either take a look at the equipment, or even to purchase some items.

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