Rock climbing equipment list

So, what is a good rock climbing equipment list?  This is a question that I am often asked.  It is quite a hard question to answer however, as depending on who you are, i.e. how experienced you are in the rock climbing profession, and also what you are climbing, because different climbs will be of different difficulties, and therefore, will require different equipment.

There are a number of very essential items that every single rock climber will need.  These will be used by rock climbers of all abilities, from beginners to the most experienced, and will be used on climbs, from the easiest to the very extreme. These essential items are the most obvious, like ropes and helmets, which no rock climber can do without.  They will also include climbing gloves, climbing shoes and cams.  I will go through each of these, how they are supposed to be used, and also where you can buy them, in further articles.

They are also items that more experienced users only will need to use.  These will cost more money; however, will be completely essential on the more advanced climbs.  Most pieces on the rock climbing equipment list, expensive as they may be, should last a life time, as long as they are well kept, and aren’t damaged in the more advanced climbs.  A harness is a must for more experienced climbers, as it can be used to store a whole selection of gear, and will also act primarily as a safety device.

To conclude, a rock climbing equipment list is extremely hard to put together, depending on experience, the type of climbs that you usually participate in, and of course, the budget that you have.  The essentials will obviously need to be included, but, depending on all of the other criteria, there may be other non-essentials that will have to be put in.  Each list needs to be put together on a personal basis.

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