Replacement tent poles

We’ve all been there!  You take out the tent after its spent a long time of gathering dust behind the summer table in the garage.  You have it all set up, after hours of staring at the unconvincing instructions page, and then you realise that the poles are missing!  You then spend some time hoking about, attempting to find the poles that you know you need.  When you can’t find them, you try to find them everywhere, with no avail.  so, all you need is some replacement tent poles.

You don’t just need any poles.  You have to try and find the poles that exclusively fit your tent.  This is an extraordinarily hard task, as their are so many different makes and models of tents.  This therefore makes writing this article almost impossible, because i can’t give you an exact answer.  I can only give you the best advice possible.

I would urge you to go to the supplier who sold the tent to you, and ask them, as they are the experts, and should in theory stock the replacement poles.  If not, i would go to a car boot sale, or a fair and take a look at all the camping gear.  This is just what i do, and i believe that it would be the most logical answer to a very common and stressful problem.

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