Peak district walks

The Peak District has a wide range of walks in different types of terrain.  These can be divided up into various categories, for example, short walks, limestone dales, moorlands and Gritstone edges.  Because there is such a vast number of walks, we will look at a couple that we feel are the best, just to give you a taste of Peak District walks.

Limestone dales -The deepdale and Sheldon walk is about 10km rising to around 150m, and takes toughly three and a half hours to complete, if your walking at a steady pace with two stops.  Starting from the river Wye at the bottom of the Monsal dale, and climbing up to Sheldon, a beautiful small village high up in the hills above, and then returning to the valley floor.  On route, there are some fantastic views of a lot of the neglected lead mines in the area.  A lovely walk which should be suitable for the majority of people.

Gritstone edge – A beautiful walk from the village of Winkle along the Gristone trail, and ending up back in Wingle.  An excellent walk with a lot of variety, taking in canal side, riverside, farmland and wooded valleys.  Parking can be found quite easily, close to the village pub.

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