Most dangerous mountain to climb

Over the years, I have been asked ‘what is the most dangerous mountain to climb’ and every single time I am stuck between two.  The first is the obvious choice, and that’s Everest.  Standing at an amazing 29,000+ feet, it’s the biggest mountain in the world, and the ultimate challenge for mountaineers and adventurists.

Everest is the largest mountain; however, is it the most dangerous?  Well, it’s debatable.  There is another mountain that Sir Edmund Hillary claimed was ‘un-climbable’.  When someone of his stature can say this, then it must be one of the most dangerous mountains to climb.  This mountain is also in the Himalaya’s, and is often used as climbers like Bear Grylls as a tester, before they tackle the giant.  This tester can however prove fatal for many.

In my view though, Mount Everest is still the hardest and most dangerous mountain to climb.  As the ultimate challenge, you get an unbelievable level of respect from fellow climbers and mountaineers once you have achieved this feat.  As one in six of the people who attempt the summit perish, its definitely not for the faint hearted, and can only be attempted by experienced climbers with guides to help.

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