Hiking outfit

Hiking is such a diverse sport, with the ability for people of all ages, sizes and skill levels to participate in all types of environments, settings and locations.  This means that to participate across the whole spectrum, a lot of equipment and clothing will be needed, for each specific environment and location.  This makes it unbelievably difficult to pick the perfect hiking outfit; however, I will give it a go!

There are a number of items that will be completely necessary, basically anywhere you go, and which are the most common items of clothing that people will use.  You will need a good pair of trousers that will stick up to all of the extremes, and a lot of wear and tear.  It would also be sensible to get a pair that is waterproof, because walking about in soaking trousers can be very uncomfortable, and unhealthy.  I would suggest a pair of canvas trousers, like Bear Grylls would wear.

You may decide to bring under armour, either hot weather or cold weather under armour depending on where you are going.  A coat is a necessity, sometimes even in deserts etc. as it can become extremely cold at night.  You will also need different items of clothing and pieces of equipment, depending on where you are going and when.  You can take a look through this site to find out exactly what these are.

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