Hazel sticks

Hazel sticks are excellent choices for your walking stick, whether it’s to support you in day to day activities, like walking, or its for long treks across rough and demanding terrain.  Most mountaineers will use specially designed walking and hiking sticks, like the new carbon fibre sticks.  These are excellent, but, may be a little costly especially for old people.

Hazel sticks are like blackthorn sticks, but are in many cases they are cheaper.  I prefer the blackthorn sticks I must say, coming from Ireland, there is a plentiful supply of blackthorns, and everyone uses them, even some of the more old fashioned mountaineers.  However, around the globe the hazel canes are preferred more, and they are a great walking stick.

Many stores, like mountaineering stores and sports equipment shops etc. still sell hazel sticks, and you can get them there.  Some corner shops and smaller shops also stack a few of them.  However, you best chance to get one is clicking some of the links on this page, and there will be a number of canes to choose from, from all price and size ranges.  You should also take a look at the carbon fibre sticks, if they are in your price range, as they provide extra performance

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