Hardest mountain to climb

There are thousands and thousands of mountains in the world today, if not millions.  Many of these will be fairly easy climbs, and you will not need to be extremely well trained or need extensive knowledge of the area to allow you to climb them.  However, there is a small percentage of the mountains on the earth that only more experienced climbers should tackle.  There isn’t exactly one hardest mountain to climb, so its quite hard to give a precise and clear answer to what it is.

Some will be bigger, and take longer, some will be stepper and more awkward to climb.  Many will have overhangs and steep rock faces that will be almost impossible to navigate past without the best of sports equipment.  It is an extreme sport though, at the end of the day, so this will be expected.  The majority of the hardest will have ice and snow.  This can lead to danders of its own, and also some hidden things to worry about, mainly crevasse’s.  These are large, gaping holes in the ice that can be many hundreds of feet deep.  You need to be very well trained to be able to get out from one of these, as there is a certain technique that you must follow.  Crevasses take many lives of mountaineers each year, and should not be underestimated.

It is hard to answer this question, however, probably the hardest mountain to climb would obviously be mount Everest.  This is the biggest mountain in the world, located in the Himalaya’s, and stands at a staggering thirty thousand feet, and is still growing year after year.  It posses many threats, and has taken a huge number of lives over the years.  The peak of Everest is where every mountaineer longs to be.  It is the ultimate challenge, and should always be done with a guide, and preferably with an oxygen source.

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