Good walking boots

Many people, especially inside the last few years have been asking me; just what makes a pair of good walking boots?  My answer usually begins with a phrase that they usually know is coming, but, don’t like to hear.  I always say, well, it really depends on you, and what you want.  This of course, gets them no further forward in their search for their favourite boot.

One of the main attributes that a ‘good’ boot must contain is, of course, comfort.  If you are walking for hours on end, you certainly do not want your feet covered in blisters afterwards, and you most definitely do not want to have a bad experience, because this will then lead you to dislike walking, and could end up putting you off your favourite past-time.

Price is also another very important issue.  I you have an unlimited budget, then obviously, you won’t have much of a problem in finding good walking boots.  However, in this day and age, the majority of us do not have an unlimited budget, and would like to get as cheap a deal as possible, as well as getting the best possible boot.  This can be very tricky.

Most of us will say that we don’t care how our walking boots look, or what style they are.  However, at the end of the day, if possible, we would like a pair of boots that look the part.  We don’t want them to be over the top, and we certainly do not want them to look cheap.  So for me, this is also a key attribute in a perfect walking boot.

To conclude, I believe that it’s really up to you to decide just what good walking boots are about.  It depends completely on you, what your preferences are and what your budget is.  You have to decide what for you is necessary, and what are just wants, in order to get the best walking boot for you.  No other person can tell you what the best make, or the best model, because its up to you.

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