Fell walking

Fell walking is a common term in Britain used to describe walking on hills and valleys. It can include lots of different types of terrain, from low lying coastal areas to the higher mountain peaks. Probably one of the most popular places in the British Isles would be the Lake District in Cumbria, boasting some of the most beautiful scenery and finest walks around.

Some of the walks can be pretty demanding, so depending on how much effort you want to put in you can reach the high summits like scaffold pike (3209ft) and Helvellyn (3117ft) or indeed if it is just a relaxing walk your after there are hundreds of less demanding walked. Either way when you go fell walking it’s best to be well prepared.

Number 1) Always check the weather no matter what time of the year it is, precautions like this can save lives. Its better to be on the safe side.

Number 2) Make sure you’ve got the proper equipment like walking boots, waterproof coat and trousers, hat, gloves, a decent rucksack for all your bits and pieces like a map if you’re not sure of the area that you’re walking in, some food and lot of fluids.

Number 3) Know your limits, and it can make for a really enjoyable experience.

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