Equipment needed for rock climbing

Rock climbing is a sport that requires a lot of nerve, skill and also, equipment.  Without the high class equipment, most people, mainly the beginners, would not be to participate in this amazing sport.  So, what exactly is the equipment needed for rock climbing?

A wide range of equipment is used during rock climbing.  Depending on where you climb, and the difficulties of each climb, more or less equipment will be needed, and more or less advanced equipment will be needed.

The main things that are needed are the very basics.  These will be used by experienced climbers and beginners alike.  Whether you are scaling a 100 foot cliff with overhangs etc, or a 10 foot sloped edge, you will need these items, and they will be vital for climbers of all abilities.  These pieces of equipment are, firstly, and the main item, ropes.  You will also need a helmet, which will be necessary, in case you fall and hit your head.  A harness will also be needed, so that the ropes and clips can be attached.  This is also where you will be able to keep all of the equipment that you will be using.

Climbing shoes and climbing gloves are not one hundred percent essential; however, they are preferred by most climbers, beginners and more advanced.  They will make the whole experience more enjoyable, and also, a lot easier and more comfortable.  There are also clips, cams, slings etc. that can, and are widely used all over the world.

There is a lot more equipment needed for rock climbing, especially for more advanced climbs.  I will go through these in future posts, and hopefully provide some more in depth information.  If you would like to get more info, or even purchase some equipment needed for rock climbing, click on some of the links on this page.

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