Good walking boots

Many people, especially inside the last few years have been asking me; just what makes a pair of good walking boots?  My answer usually begins with a phrase that they usually know is coming, but, don’t like to hear.  I always say, well, it really depends on you, and what you want.  This of course, gets them no further forward in their search for their favourite boot. Continue reading “Good walking boots” »

Best walking boots review

There are many makes and models of walking boots on the shelves in this day and age, when outdoor clothing is booming, and outdoor clothing companies are pushing each other to extremes, so that they make the best boots, at the very best prices.  This best walking boots review will attempt to point you in the best direction possible, and hopefully allow you to purchase the very best boots, at the very best prices, wherever in the world you may be. Continue reading “Best walking boots review” »

Best socks for hiking

In previous articles, I have went through what I believe is the best hiking boots, the best hiking shoes 2011, and other items to do with walking.  Now, I will go through something else, that would usually be a little less on your mind, however, can play a big roll in the comfort and wear ability of you shoes or boots.  This item of clothing is socks.  Socks are essential, and in most cases, people wouldn’t even think about them.  So, I am going to make your job a lot easier.  I will decide what the best socks for hiking are. Continue reading “Best socks for hiking” »