Hazel sticks

Hazel sticks are excellent choices for your walking stick, whether it’s to support you in day to day activities, like walking, or its for long treks across rough and demanding terrain.  Most mountaineers will use specially designed walking and hiking sticks, like the new carbon fibre sticks.  These are excellent, but, may be a little costly especially for old people. Continue reading “Hazel sticks” »

Best hiking gear

I have reviewed a lot of different hiking clothing and accessories over the years, and am now in the position to decide what the best hiking gear is, at this specific point in time.  For all of the different categories, for me, there is a different expert, a new market leader.  No one company can lead two markets; it’s just too diverse of a sport. Continue reading “Best hiking gear” »

Backpacking list

There are many pieces of equipment needed for backpacking, hiking, walking and all of the other outdoors equipment, and really, for sports equipment in general.  This is because of a number of factors, including the climates that you would be in, the length of time that you would be participating and many other items.  For this reason, i have created this article, to provide you with a backpacking list.  This will save you a lot of time, and hopefully, money Continue reading “Backpacking list” »