Peak district walks

The Peak District has a wide range of walks in different types of terrain.  These can be divided up into various categories, for example, short walks, limestone dales, moorlands and Gritstone edges.  Because there is such a vast number of walks, we will look at a couple that we feel are the best, just to give you a taste of Peak District walks. Continue reading “Peak district walks” »

Berghaus RG1 Jacket

I have recently purchased the Berghaus RG1 jacket, or as some say, the Berghaus RGI, jacket, after a friend of mine, who is very influential in the outdoor clothing industry, recommended it to me.  I’m going to be honest, and say that I’d never heard of this before and I only bought it because I know that he knows what he’s talking about.  I have to say, that I haven’t regretted it one bit.  It’s a great jacket that I can wear on a long hike, whilst kicking about and even when I’m going to the shop. Continue reading “Berghaus RG1 Jacket” »

Berghaus extrem

Berghaus is a world renowned name and clothing manufacturer in the outdoors sports and extreme sports world.  Their new range the Berghaus extrem range is now getting a lot of coverage, and people are now sitting up and taking notice of it.  This is for a good reason, and you will have discovered this by the end of this article.

The Berghaus extrem range is the newest range that Berghaus have released and is beginning to turn a lot of heads running up to Christmas.  I recently reviewed a jacket from this range, so more content is available if necessary.  If you don’t own an item from this range, then I would urge you to get one as soon as you can!

They provide great quality and performance, as all Berghaus equipment does, using some of the best material available and they also seem to provide a great price, especially compared to some of their largest competitors.  This allows them to reach a larger market than the competition and seems to have increased their reputation in the community, which has obviously had a positive effect, and now everyone in outdoor sports wants Berghaus equipment!

Berghaus womens packlite jacket

The Berghaus womens packlite jacket is the perfect example of high quality engineering in the clothing industry.  Somehow, they have managed to design and create an ultra light jacket that still provides unbeatable warmth, quality and protection from the most extreme of environments and conditions.  This is a massive feat that Berghaus are beginning to implement throughout their product range. Continue reading “Berghaus womens packlite jacket” »

Hazel sticks

Hazel sticks are excellent choices for your walking stick, whether it’s to support you in day to day activities, like walking, or its for long treks across rough and demanding terrain.  Most mountaineers will use specially designed walking and hiking sticks, like the new carbon fibre sticks.  These are excellent, but, may be a little costly especially for old people. Continue reading “Hazel sticks” »