Most dangerous mountain to climb

Over the years, I have been asked ‘what is the most dangerous mountain to climb’ and every single time I am stuck between two.  The first is the obvious choice, and that’s Everest.  Standing at an amazing 29,000+ feet, it’s the biggest mountain in the world, and the ultimate challenge for mountaineers and adventurists. Continue reading “Most dangerous mountain to climb” »

Types of rock climbing

There are quite a lot of types of rock climbing that exist in the world today.  This is due to evolution.  The sport evolves due to certain climates, locations and also due to people’s preferences.  Some people will change it a little to suit their level and also to suit whether or not they like to be risky, or keep it safe etc.  This has lead to many different types across the world. Continue reading “Types of rock climbing” »

Climbing Wall Equipment

Many experts say that the best way to learn rock climbing, in a safe environment, and also in as fast a way as possible is to use a climbing wall.  You can find climbing walls in basically every outdoor sports facility in the UK in this day and age.  They can also be seen at fairs and carnivals all over the world.  You may have to pay up to ten or fifteen pounds per climb at these carnivals, however, with a membership to a gym, or sports facility, you will almost certainly get free access to a climbing wall, that will allow you to learn or just perfect your technique, in complete safety, and in any weather conditions.  You will of course need some climbing wall equipment. Continue reading “Climbing Wall Equipment” »