Rock climbing apparel

Rock climbing, an adrenaline rushed sport, which requires strength agility, and most importantly, technique.  It’s a sport that many try, and few master.  A dangerous hobby, but also a great one.  To correctly participate in the sport, a lot of rock climbing apparel is necessary.  This covers a wide range of things, from equipment, which is completely necessary, and also, clothing. Continue reading “Rock climbing apparel” »

Rock climbing equipment

Climbing is a fantastic sport.  It’s an adrenaline rushed extreme sport, which requires nerves of steel, experience and fantastic technique.  Of course, you cannot start out with experience and great technique.  These are skills that you will develop over many years of participation in the sport, and you will pick them up faster if you can learn from someone who already has these skills.  This article is therefore aimed at those who are new to the sport.  However, experts may also be able to learn some things as well.  I will discuss rope climbing equipment, the best places to get it, and why you need it so much. Continue reading “Rock climbing equipment” »

Rock climbing equipment list

So, what is a good rock climbing equipment list?  This is a question that I am often asked.  It is quite a hard question to answer however, as depending on who you are, i.e. how experienced you are in the rock climbing profession, and also what you are climbing, because different climbs will be of different difficulties, and therefore, will require different equipment. Continue reading “Rock climbing equipment list” »