Snugtime Sleeping Bags

Ah, sleeping bags, probably the piece of equipment that you’ll be very glad to see, at the end of a long day, possibly in the cold and the rain.  You want a sleeping bag that will keep you warm in the worst of conditions, and of course, in this day and age, you don’t want to spend to much money!  I’ve got the perfect one for you then, snugtime sleeping bags provide great warmth at no extra cost, and really live up to their name! Continue reading “Snugtime Sleeping Bags” »

Camping equipment list

Camping is a fascinating pastime, enjoyed by thousands, if not millions of people each year, from all over the globe.  From the Australian outback, to your local mountain, or lake, you can camp just about anywhere, and still have a great time!  Wherever you go camping, and whenever you go, you will always need a camping equipment list, and this list will usually not vary very much. Continue reading “Camping equipment list” »

Wenzel Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are a very popular item in today’s world.  If you go to everyone you know, and ask them if they have one, i would guarantee you that at least ninety percent of those people would say yes.  Even at that, most people will have more than one.  Usually a family will have three or four sleeping bags.  They are used by starters and more advanced campers, hikers and mountaineers alike.  One thing is for sure, everyone loves wenzel sleeping bags. Continue reading “Wenzel Sleeping Bags” »