Wild camping lake district

If you like a bit of peace and quiet, wild camping in the lake district can be a wonderful experience, especially in mid summer when you can relax and take it easy, enjoying the summer sun “if you hit it lucky” in beautiful tranquil settings. There are loads of different locations to choose from. One particularly nice spot would be Blake Fell in the Western Lake District. It can be accessed either from Loweswater Village on the Corga Moss reservoir. The views from Blake Fell are absolutely breath taking, over the other western fells. Another favourite location would be Sprinkling Tarn, whilst the easiest route would be via Sty Head or Grains Gill. It can also be accessed from Seathwaite via Stockly Bridge. Continue reading “Wild camping lake district” »

Wild camping

While camping can be a really enjoyable experience, you’ll find the majority of campsites are overcrowded and maybe not just the same as they were a few years back. Some of the bigger site have become almost like Hotel complex’s, with loads of things to do, like swimming pools, tennis courts and the like, and lots of kids running about, which usually ends up a busy place with lots of noise. Continue reading “Wild camping” »

Backpacking Clothes

I have been asked numerous times inside the past week or so, what the best backpacking clothes are.  This is clearly due to people anticipating the cold weather setting in, and more equipment being needed to continue to hike.  What I should say firstly is, that you will still be warm, and most likely sweating, so make sure you wash and don’t give yourself the cold. Continue reading “Backpacking Clothes” »

Snugtime Sleeping Bags

Ah, sleeping bags, probably the piece of equipment that you’ll be very glad to see, at the end of a long day, possibly in the cold and the rain.  You want a sleeping bag that will keep you warm in the worst of conditions, and of course, in this day and age, you don’t want to spend to much money!  I’ve got the perfect one for you then, snugtime sleeping bags provide great warmth at no extra cost, and really live up to their name! Continue reading “Snugtime Sleeping Bags” »

Best 4 person tent

As i am sure you know, the tent and camping markets are both flooded with different makes, models and qualities of tents, clothing and other pieces of equipment.  Four man tents are probably one of the most popular things in the market that you can buy, as it provides sufficient room for most camping holidays and days.  For this reason i have decided to tell you exactly what the best 4 person tent is. Continue reading “Best 4 person tent” »