Camping in the UK

In the previous article i covered wild camping in Scotland and England, probably the two most visited areas in the UK.  Now, i will tell you where and when to go camping in the UK, and the two smaller areas, Northern Ireland and Wales.  Although they are smaller, and less visited, they are still stunning, and some would say even better than their bigger counterparts.

Wales – Wales also has some good camping locations.  With some remote places like the Brecon Beacons, it really is a place you should not underestimate.  But, my favourite place to camp would be Snowdon, around Clogwyn Du’r Ardou.  This can also be accessed by train at the Clogwyn station, as well as hiking.

Northern Ireland – Another beautiful country with lots of contrasting countryside, like the famous Mourne’s in County Down and the Antrim Plataues in County Antrim, which takes in the fascinating nine Glens of Antrim.  Truly a wonderful place, where you can hike for days, and you wouldn’t see one more person.

So to summarise on camping in the UK, this is a small taster of some of the camping locations that the UK has to offer.  All you need to do is pack your rucksack, get the walking boots on and go enjoy yourself.  Always remember to have the proper gear, tent, clothing and boots with you every time you go for a hike.

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