Camping equipment list

Camping is a fascinating pastime, enjoyed by thousands, if not millions of people each year, from all over the globe.  From the Australian outback, to your local mountain, or lake, you can camp just about anywhere, and still have a great time!  Wherever you go camping, and whenever you go, you will always need a camping equipment list, and this list will usually not vary very much.

The first, and extremely obvious thing that you need is a tent.  This comes without any thought.  You will then need a sleeping bag.  I have done some articles about sleeping bags, and you can take a look at them if you wish.

You will also need numerous items of clothing, like coats, hats, jumpers and you will probably need to light a fire to dry them, if they get wet.  There are also a lot of smaller pieces of equipment that are essential.  These include, torches, water bottles, a piece of flint (this will help you ignite a fire first time), food, a knife, first aid and some more necessities.

Depending on where and when, the climate at that time, and varying weather conditions of the location that you are camping in, you will need to bring other things.  If you are going deep intp the wilderness, you may need some form of contact, like a phone, transceiver or flares.  This will ensue that medical help can reach you in the case of an emergency.

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