Buying hiking boots

With so many makes and models available today that buying hiking boots isn’t just as easy as it used to be.  It can be hard to be distinguishing between the good and the bad, and get a pair of boots that are cheap and are also good boots.  This is what everyone wants, and surprisingly, its harder to find that you may first think.

As with bikes, coats etc. there are a few market leaders that will provide unbeatable quality and performance; however, they will be extremely expensive compared to the other brands.  This may put you off and rightly so.  So, it’s hard to find a brand that’s breaking into the top bracket in terms of quality of the boot, but are still in a lower price bracket.

There are a few brands, like Caterpillar and Hi-Tech, those really are hard to beat.  I could name a few more, but I think I would be giving you to much to research.  You should try out a few pairs of both, and decide whether or not they are the perfect boot for you.  Because, at the end of the day, what I look for when buying hiking boots may not be what you look for.

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