Big camping tent

For all of you large families out there, who need that bit of extra room, or, for all you ‘s who aren’t so used to the outdoors, you may need a big camping tent.  These come in all shapes, makes and models.  In this article, i will send you down the right path.

When picking a tent, you really don’t want to cut corners.  The last thing you want, is to be sitting at 2am, in the dark, with the rain pouring down, trying to fix a dodgy tent, or a leak from a tear.  What i’m trying to say is, that with tents, its really worth it to pay that extra money, to get the best quality possible.

I have used quite a few tents in the past couple of years, good and bad!  From my experience, i would definitely go with the bigger brands like Vango.  I have tried various other makes, and in the end, no-one compare on quality and value for money.  As well as being the safest option, they are also the most luxurious.  They boast extra room, hidden compartments and other things that most big camping tent brands will not provide, with the same price and quality.

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