Best walking boots review

There are many makes and models of walking boots on the shelves in this day and age, when outdoor clothing is booming, and outdoor clothing companies are pushing each other to extremes, so that they make the best boots, at the very best prices.  This best walking boots review will attempt to point you in the best direction possible, and hopefully allow you to purchase the very best boots, at the very best prices, wherever in the world you may be.

A lot of large brands now exist, with premium boots.  These are of extremely top quality, and are well worth the money that you will pay for them.  Most of these boots will have lifetime guarantees, which ensures that if you pay premium prices, you will get the results, and may only need to buy one pair of walking boots in you lifetime.

However, there are also some smaller brands, which are quickly emerging as a cheaper option, usually for the beginners, who will only go hill walking once in a while, and don’t need top class boots, that the more experienced walkers and hikers will need.  These cheaper brands will be of less quality, and may not last a lifetime, however, they are a good choice if you are just starting out in the hill walking hobby, and will almost certainly encourage you to continue to get out there, and keep going.

In my opinion and for this best walking boots review, Brasher or Salomon are my favourite make off boots.  They are very comfortable, usually come with a top guarantee, last very long and are an all round good boot.  However, they do come at a premium.  Though if you are serious about walking, then they are definitely worth the money.

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