Best socks for hiking

In previous articles, I have went through what I believe is the best hiking boots, the best hiking shoes 2011, and other items to do with walking.  Now, I will go through something else, that would usually be a little less on your mind, however, can play a big roll in the comfort and wear ability of you shoes or boots.  This item of clothing is socks.  Socks are essential, and in most cases, people wouldn’t even think about them.  So, I am going to make your job a lot easier.  I will decide what the best socks for hiking are.

For people who use one make of sock, a cheap pair, and have never bought specially made socks for the walking industry, you will not know the difference.  You may feel uncomfortable, and blame the boots.  This is a very likely scenario that most people will not even recognise.  You could buy the very best pair off boots, and then, save money by buying a cheap pair of socks.  You will then have a very uncomfortable experience.  For me, this is unacceptable.  You must pay the extra money, for that extra comfort.

To buy a good pair of socks, you must this about two main things.  One is comfort.  This is very obvious.  Number two is what most people overlook.  This is how damp the socks get.  Will they get soaked after one touch of water?  If so, they are useless.  You need, and deserve a pair of socks that keep your feet dry.

The best socks for hiking, in my opinion are Bridgedale Comfort Summit Sock.  These will provide everything that I have been talking about in this article.  There are however, many other top quality pairs of socks that are also not very expensive.  To purchase a pair, or just take a look, click on the links on this page.

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