Best hiking tent

There is a lot of competition in the tent market, and this has increased inside the last few years.  For me, they are trying to catch up on Vango tents, and they are successfully reducing their overall market share.  As this push on Vango continues, I will try to find the best hiking tent that’s out there today.

There are so many other tent manufacturers and retailers, with their own designs, and improvements that it can be hard to choose from.  Most make it a little simpler, only going for a particular part of the market.  This allows them to seize control of this corner of the market, and push Vango out.  Its worked successfully inside the last couple of years, and means that depending on what you are actually looking for, e.g. two man, twelve man, luxury etc. there may be a different leader in that niche.

This makes it very difficult, and extremely confusing, so, let me do the hard work for you.  I have numerous articles on each niche and make it simpler for you.  Now, to choose the best hiking tent; I will not go for a niche specific tent, I will try to please the masses by saying, the Vango Amazon 400.  This is a great tent, but for your niche, please takes a look at the other articles.

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