Best hiking gear

I have reviewed a lot of different hiking clothing and accessories over the years, and am now in the position to decide what the best hiking gear is, at this specific point in time.  For all of the different categories, for me, there is a different expert, a new market leader.  No one company can lead two markets; it’s just too diverse of a sport.

For tents, it has to be Vango.  Although this doesn’t fit into this category 100%, it is still related, so I have added it anyway.  For clothing, it really depends on where you are from.  For a breakdown of each individual country, please take a look around the rest of this site, for the purposes of this review, I will just mention the main companies. is at the forefront of the US market, which is probably the biggest in the world, so you may say they are the largest outdoors retailer in the world, but this may not be the case.  In the UK and Europe there are a few, and no outstanding leader; millets, blacks, outdoor world, Evans cycles to name but a few.  Some of these companies have tried to branch into running and fitness clothing; however, no one can beat Nike and Adidas for this.

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