Best camping gear

Camping gear comes in various makes, models and sizes to suit everyone from the most inexperienced of campers, to the experts of the world, who have mastered the art of living of the land, and in many occasions only need one or two pieces of equipment to survive, and some don’t need any! Just look at Bear Grylls, he dosen’t use all of the best camping gear, as he can live of the land, and survive using his skills and knowledge.

However, for those of you out there, who aspire to be a Bear Grylls, or an Edmund Hillary, but don’t just have them skills that take years of research and experience to acquire, i have made this article to describe the best camping gear to the best of my ability.

The great thing about the camping industry is that there is no real market leader.  No-one stands out as ‘The Best’.  This means that there is a lot of competition, and therefore, for the consumer, extra choice and quality for less of your money!  Now, in today’s day and age, that’s never a bad thing.

It also makes it extremely difficult to say what the best camping gear is.  So, my advice to you is, go with a big brand name.  Someone with a good reputation between experienced hikers, and you won’t be go far wrong.

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