Best 4 person tent

As i am sure you know, the tent and camping markets are both flooded with different makes, models and qualities of tents, clothing and other pieces of equipment.  Four man tents are probably one of the most popular things in the market that you can buy, as it provides sufficient room for most camping holidays and days.  For this reason i have decided to tell you exactly what the best 4 person tent is.

There’s just so many 4 man tents out there today, most are decent, however, some are awful.  You need to be careful about this.  I would like to stress the fact that you should not buy a tent from the supermarkets, in my opinion.  I have bought a few, and reviewed some, and they don’t stand up to anything at all, just not great tents!

For me, the two best 4 person tents are; the Vango Marano 400 and the Vango Icarus 400.  The Icarus 400 is quite cheap for Vango standards, but still provides good enough quality and stability, and is your number one choice if your on a budget.  The Marano 400 is that bit more expensive, but is well worth the extra money.  It will provide more space, with two separate sleeping areas, a main lounge area, and also boasts a large porch.  This great design maximises the tents look and space, while minimizing its weigh, which is exactly what any camper wants and needs!

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