Berghaus womens packlite jacket

The Berghaus womens packlite jacket is the perfect example of high quality engineering in the clothing industry.  Somehow, they have managed to design and create an ultra light jacket that still provides unbeatable warmth, quality and protection from the most extreme of environments and conditions.  This is a massive feat that Berghaus are beginning to implement throughout their product range.

You will pay a little extra for this unbelievable piece of equipment, compared to a normal jacket.  However, I know that many people like me would pay the extra money to get this unenviable quality.   As it is lightweight, it allows you to go for longer, in whatever sport or activity you participate in.  This is a priceless ability, as you will be able to outperform yourself and others.

For those of you that haven’t actually seen the Berghaus womens packlite jacket, then I ensure you that I looks fantastic!  I believe that men’s and a kid’s version of the packlite jacket will be released soon, which is great news for all mountaineers and sports enthusiasts.  You never know, you many even get a new one for Christmas!  I have tried this jacket, and it truly is as good as Berghaus have claimed.  Its probably not the best Jacket they have, but its still fantastic.

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