Berghaus extrem jacket

There are a lot of brand names out there for jackets and coats, and Berghaus has to be up their with the best.  Every time i hear this name, three things come to mind; quality, reliability and customer service.  All three of these key attributes come in abundance with the Berhaus brand, and with the berghaus extrem jacket.

These are fantastic jackets, whether you are going for a gentle stroll, or you are making a go for the summit of Mount Blanc in France.  You can always wear a berghaus extrem jacket, and never be ashamed.  You will automatically be respected by fellow mountaineers, and you can be sure that you are ready for the toughest of challenges.

Berghaus coats and jackets are engineered to withstand all that mother nature throws at us.  They will provide warmth and shelter in the most extreme of environments, and they will also be perfectly sufficient for a walk in your local park.  That is the diversity that Berghaus has achieved over the years, by building up their brand name and reputation to a certain extent that they are the first choice of clothing and equipment, even for some of the most experienced hikers.

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