Backpacking tent reviews

When your are going on a backpacking trip, a tent will be your most expensive, valuable, and probably your most important item as well.  This is because, whatever climate and environment that you are in, you will need a tent, as it will provide you with the shelter that is necessary for you to survive, if its to cold, warm, windy or wet.  For these reasons, i have created this backpacking tent reviews.

There are just so many tents on the market these days, that it can be extremely hard to find exactly what you are looking for.  And, to be honest, most of them are absolutely useless, and will let in a lot of water and some will even fly away in strong winds.  Most of these tents will be bought from supermarkets and places like this, so will obviously be very cheap, however, not worth it at all!

I will conclude my backpacking tent reviews by urging you to buy a Vango tent, something like the Vango Amazon 600, its large, spacious and holds six people.  It will set you back a few pounds more, compared to the smaller, cheaper supermarket brands, but trust me, on a wet and windy night, you will definitely be glad of your choice!

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