Backpacking list

There are many pieces of equipment needed for backpacking, hiking, walking and all of the other outdoors equipment, and really, for sports equipment in general.  This is because of a number of factors, including the climates that you would be in, the length of time that you would be participating and many other items.  For this reason, i have created this article, to provide you with a backpacking list.  This will save you a lot of time, and hopefully, money

A number of essential pieces of equipment are needed, wherever you are going, and whatever you are doing.  Firstly, you will need, of course, a backpack.  This will be used to store all of your items, and should be as lightweight as possible, to save your energy and if possible, you would be better to get a waterproof rucksack.  This is in case you come across a river, some torrents, or torrential rain.

You should always bring a war, coat, wherever you are going. Most warm places can get very cold a night, and would be unbearable without the wrong clothing.  You will also need a water bottle, with some other sachets of food etc. just to keep you going, if you cannot get food from the wild.

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