Backpacking Clothes

I have been asked numerous times inside the past week or so, what the best backpacking clothes are.  This is clearly due to people anticipating the cold weather setting in, and more equipment being needed to continue to hike.  What I should say firstly is, that you will still be warm, and most likely sweating, so make sure you wash and don’t give yourself the cold.

I would sort out the coat and the trousers first of all.  These are the main items of clothing that you will be wearing, and first line of defence against the elements.  They should be warm, comfortable, waterproof and also, as light as possible.  This won’t come cheap, so don’t be afraid to splash out on ones that will last, you will be thankful in years to come.

You could buy under armour, or, as some people say, a base layer.  I have more articles that go into deeper detail, and you should read them if you can.  You will probably need a hat and a pair of gloves again that are warm and comfortable.  Finally, buy a good pair of boots that will last for decades, because they will really pay for themselves in years to come.

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