Ski Scotland

Skiing is one of the most popular and in my opinion one of the best winter sports there is!  Many people go off to Europe and even as far as the US and Canada to some of the best and most expensive ski resorts in the world.  What most people in the UK seem to forget is that you can, and many people do ski Scotland.  Skiing in Scotland has grown tremendously inside the past couple of years, probably sue to the economic crisis. Continue reading “Ski Scotland” »

Peak District camping

One of the most beautiful places in England, is the Peak District, and if you enjoy a little sleeping under the canvas, peak district camping can be a truly wonderful experience.  Whether you prefer to go to listed campsites, “of which there are loads”, or maybe going of the beaten track a bit, for a spot of wild camping.  Listed campsites are plentiful, so i’ll just name a few of the best. Continue reading “Peak District camping” »

Peak district walks

The Peak District has a wide range of walks in different types of terrain.  These can be divided up into various categories, for example, short walks, limestone dales, moorlands and Gritstone edges.  Because there is such a vast number of walks, we will look at a couple that we feel are the best, just to give you a taste of Peak District walks. Continue reading “Peak district walks” »