Hazel sticks

Hazel sticks are excellent choices for your walking stick, whether it’s to support you in day to day activities, like walking, or its for long treks across rough and demanding terrain.  Most mountaineers will use specially designed walking and hiking sticks, like the new carbon fibre sticks.  These are excellent, but, may be a little costly especially for old people. Continue reading “Hazel sticks” »

Berghaus mens skyline jacket

The Berghaus mens skyline jacket is a great new jacket from Berghaus, who are one of my favourite brands in the outdoor market, and are also one of the largest.  They supply very high quality equipment and clothing like the skyline jacket.  They are a little more expensive than some other brands, but are well worth the extra money! Continue reading “Berghaus mens skyline jacket” »

Types of rock climbing

There are quite a lot of types of rock climbing that exist in the world today.  This is due to evolution.  The sport evolves due to certain climates, locations and also due to people’s preferences.  Some people will change it a little to suit their level and also to suit whether or not they like to be risky, or keep it safe etc.  This has lead to many different types across the world. Continue reading “Types of rock climbing” »