Walking sticks

Walking sticks have been a very important part of hiking and mountaineering for years.  They allow the walker to give their legs a rest, by leveraging the stick using the ground.  This is a very important technique that even elderly people use to help them in their day by day activities, so therefore, it has been adopted by walkers for generations.  It is a very good idea, especially for beginners, who may not be used to the stress that a long days hiking will put on your legs, however, it is also used by more advanced hikers, to allow them to go for longer, and really lets them push out that extra hour, after a full days trekking. Continue reading “Walking sticks” »

Hardest mountain to climb

There are thousands and thousands of mountains in the world today, if not millions.  Many of these will be fairly easy climbs, and you will not need to be extremely well trained or need extensive knowledge of the area to allow you to climb them.  However, there is a small percentage of the mountains on the earth that only more experienced climbers should tackle.  There isn’t exactly one hardest mountain to climb, so its quite hard to give a precise and clear answer to what it is. Continue reading “Hardest mountain to climb” »

Best hiking shoes 2011

There is a very wide range of shoes, specialised for the hiking industry, and every day, more and more are being produced.  Many different shoes, to suit every individual’s specific needs are being sold throughout the world today.  For this reason, it makes it very hard to decide just what the best hiking shoes 2011 are.  However, I will give it my best shot, and try to use a levelled opinion, so that I pick the best pair for the masses, and not individuals who thinks like me. Continue reading “Best hiking shoes 2011” »